Secure Woman Of Promise

Do you know that any dis ease in your body is the beginning of disease.... Take back any permissions you unknowingly gave the enemy to attack your body and bring disease on you - find out what he knows about you... Knowledge is power! Learn what you can do to eradicate illness and prevent disease from your life. Live the life that God wants to bless you with so that you can fulfill your Godly purpose and live to a ripe old age, healthily...

Do You Feel Stuck In Life?

I will show you step by step how you can change being stuck into a productive purposeful daily life! We will (initially) take ONE IDEA and work it from birth to fulfilment so that you can wake up every day with a sense of worth and fulfillment! Then, using the same system, you will duplicate it with more ideas until you can say "Now my life has true meaning...and I am happy'

Creative Moments

I am just below heaven when my creative juices starts to flow.... I love working with my hands and of course, the right side of my brain goes in overdrive when I start creating! I do Bottle Wrapping and make one-size-fits-all clothing... [ to be released in future] Did I mention I am busy creating a simple and easy-to-follow cooking book? [ to be released in near future] Go check it out - you will love it!