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Secrets to a long life

If you retire, you die prematurely if you are not 120 years old yet, 

because it is not time for your to ‘kick’ the bucket! 

You still have a destiny to fulfil. 

 When we look at the life span of man and how long the human body is designed to live, it is 120 years.  God set the lifespan of man to be 120 years in Gen 6 v 3 and it has not changed since then!

 Genesis 6 v 3 [GW] : Then the Lord said, "My Spirit will not struggle with humans forever, because they are flesh and blood. They will live 120 years."

Many people mistake Psalm 90 which was written by Moses about people dying at the ages of 60,70 and 80. But the context of Moses writing that was when they were in the wilderness.  God had eventually had enough of the Isrealites grumbling, complaining, murmuring, disobedience and rebellion, and eventually God said: “Right, everybody over the age of 20 has to die before I will allow you to enter the Promised Land.” It was in that context that Moses was talking about people dying ‘prematurely’ at the age of 60, 70 and 80.  

There are Doctors in America that produced a documentary where they proved that the human body is designed to live 120 years.  In fact Moses himself lived to be 120 years old and Scripture says that he was still strong and had good eye sight.  

Growing older is part of life, but aging is not a disease! 

Now people are still dying today at the average ages of 60, 70 and 80...  

Do you think that is a coincidence?  

Why does the enemy specifically take most people out with sickness and disease at that age?  

Because that is when you are at the prime of your life!  

That is when you are about to step into your promised land which is your inheritance where you are about to walk into the fullness of your birthright! 

At that age most people are retiring in an old age home thinking that they are at the end of their life...

But actually that is when you are just ready to fulfil the destiny that God planned for your life from before the foundation of the world!

You have years of experience behind you that has equipped you with the wisdom and knowledge you need, you have finished your responsibilities where you have set up your home, raised your children, established your business etc. 

Now you have the time and the maturity to step into your destiny, inheritance and birth right!  

And what a great robbery that is!  It has been well proven in medicine that when people retire they are on average dead within 3 or 4 years!  

Let me tell you a secret from science:

 Don’t retire! Re-fire!  Take a hold of your destiny and birthright and possess the fullness of your Promised Land and abundant life that Jesus paid such a high price to give you! 

Many of the heroes in the Bible such as Abraham and Moses only stepped into the fullness of their destiny when they were 80 years old.  

One of the things Abba Father has laid on Dr. Michelle Strydom’s heart was to use her ministry Eagle’s Wings, to target old people!  [I feel exactly the same].

He said to her: “Go and give them back their purpose because they still have a destiny to fulfil!  They are the ones you must train up as ministers to meet the overwhelming need of people needing ministry for spiritual bondages, psychological illnesses and physical diseases!  They have the time, wisdom and experience and mankind needs them!  The body of Christ needs them! 

Whilst on the topic of how long the human body is designed to live and a scriptural and spiritual principles to long life, she shares a true story about a man who was 90 years old: just like Moses he still had his full body strength.  He was a multi-millionaire but he still believed in the principle of hard work and his job involved physical labour alongside young men in their twenties and he would out do them! He had good eye sight, no grey hair, no wrinkles and still had all his teeth in his mouth.  When he walked into a church, the pastor - knowing who he was - leant over to his wife and said, “Maybe close on 50?”   

They were shocked to hear that he was 90!  So they all gathered around him wanting to know his secret - and he said, “When I was a young man - I read 1 Peter 3v10 and really took it to heart - and so I asked God to help me keep this...” and he pointed to his tongue.  He said that by God’s grace since then, he had managed to not let a single negative thing leave his lips.  He is a living testimony of the truth of 1 Peter 3v10! 

1 Peter 3v10 [GW] : People who want to live a full life and enjoy good days must keep their tongues from saying evil things, and their lips from speaking deceitful things."

Another example is Arthur Burke - he spends a lot of time speaking the Word of God and life over people.  Although he is in his late sixties, he actually looks like he is in his thirties!  He is another example of this spiritual truth. 

So, take care to speak word of life over people because it affects how long you live and how fast you age!   

Speaking words of death over others such as in anger, gossip and slander will send you into the grave sooner...robbing you of your destiny! 

Important note: scriptural secrets to long life and preventing aging: keep the strife out of your life and your tongue free from evil! 

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