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"Be a first rate of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else."

I believe that each one of us has a personal desire and calling that's as unique as a fingerprint - and the best way to success is to discover what you really love and then to find a way to make it yours... in order for you to live a fulfilled life - YOUR fulfilled life!

Remember your Journey starts with self-love:
I love myself - I am enough - I am worthy - I deserve to be happy and fulfilled.  
Everything you need is ALREADY WITHIN YOU. 
Start digging - you will find it!
Just believe...

" For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."  II Tim1 7
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Imagine this...
  • You identify an area in your life (Spiritual, Health, Family, Career, Recreation etc.) that you feel a bit stuck in.
  • You KNOW that if you can just achieve this one thing or idea, you would feel better about yourself
  • You also KNOW that by doing something towards it every day will give your days purpose

You will also identify...
  • WHAT it is that you really want to do and be
  • WHY it is important for you to do it now
  • HOW you can achieve and sustain it
  • WHEN can you start seeing results
  • WHERE can you be in a year from now

Remember: this is YOUR JOURNEY 
Not anybody else's!

Once you start seeing results, your self-esteem will increase, your confidence will grow, you will feel good about yourself and about what you are doing!

And once you have success, imagine, using the same system, you duplicate it with more ideas in different areas of your life, and in 12 months from now you can look back on your life and say 'Wow!"

Do not let your next year be the same as your last year!

" not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind..."  Romans 12 2

Step ONE

I will show you how to MOVE FORWARD in your life by taking little steps in the right direction by initially identifying ONE IDEA or ONE AREA of your life, that will have an impact in your life and how you can WORK IT from BIRTH to FULFILMENT.

Step TWO

I will show you a simple system that will guide you through the COMPLETE PLANNING of your goal/ s whereby you will follow CLEAR STEPS & a PLAN OF ACTION and this will give your days ORDER, DIRECTION and PURPOSE


That whilst being in the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME you will receive the necessary TOOLS to assist you in your quest. You will never be alone! There are too many of us who are going through the same thing...

I teach and equip my students in a professional way, with simple-to-follow training, a method that produces results by using a simple system and by taking small daily steps implementing (initially) ONE IDEA or ONE AREA of your life wheel, from birth to fulfilment and then to duplicate it with more ideas to the betterment of their lives!

Don't think too much about your answers - answer from your gut!


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For just R250 in January 2024 and some commitment from yourself, you can say goodbye to being stuck in a rut by taking the first step to identify which area in your life need some working on. Using a simple PLANNING SYSTEM will ultimately lead to a daily ROSTER which will remind you of the steps you need to take daily to keep you in alignment with WHAT you want, WHY you want it and what you NEED TO DO to take this venture from birth to fulfilment to the betterment of your life...and then over time to duplicate it with more areas / goals using the same system. Taking just a bit over ONE HOUR, over a few days, to complete the course and some time to reflect on what you have learnt, will, if followed, impact your life forever and you will never look back again! In total the course has 6 Sections and 31 Lessons. Imagine just taking one area / idea per month, USING THE SAME SYSTEM, how different your life would not be in a year from now... To register, simply press the CHECKOUT button

The Course includes

7 Sections

32 Lessons

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This too can be you story....

 We all know the feeling of trying to reach our life goals, and feeling stuck in a rut... Jennifer Laing has really put her heart into this training. She leaves you motivated and energized to get unstuck and reach your life goals. Her video tutorial lessons are very practical and easy to follow. She guides you step-by-step on how to pinpoint your obstacles and which areas in your life you need to change. She guides you on how to set realistic timeline goals. Her worksheets are professional and practical. The wheel of life will help you to change the one area in your life where you need to bring change. Her daily, weekly, and monthly planners are helpful and will help you to stick to your goals. The idea of being accountable to someone else is a must in reaching your dreams. I think this course will change your life. Just do it 

Monica Potgieter

 Hi Jen. I just want to say thank you so much for the incredible impact your course has had on my life. Your guidance on setting realistic goals and being accountable has opened my eyes to so many things, and I feel motivated and energized, ready to tackle whatever comes my way while working towards my goals. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this life-changing course. Your dedication and passion shone through in every aspect of the training! 

Chantelle Gradidge

 I recently completed Jennifer's goal-setting course, and it exceeded my expectations in every way. The content was incredibly well-structured, providing a clear roadmap to define, plan, and achieve my objectives. The practical exercises and video tutorial lessons were insightful, forcing me to reflect on my aspirations and break them down into manageable steps. Jennifer's expertise shone through, offering valuable insights and strategies that I hadn't considered before. The course's interactive nature kept me engaged, fostering a proactive approach to my goals. Overall, a transformative experience that I highly recommend to anyone looking to take control of their future! 

Megan Artman
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Jennifer here...



I am fortunate enough to be able to not have to work and be at home. I found though that my days were all the same. I was so busy yet I didn't have much to show at the end of the day, and if I were to be paid for my busyness, I would be super rich!

I found I was a great starter in doing things, but not a great finisher.

I was inconsistent, I procrastinated, MY fear of failure ruled my life, I often doubted myself and I sometimes lacked enthusiasm to complete something and I felt these things were controlling me so much.

For me a day became a week, which became a month... a year.... and when I looked back at my life 5/6/7 years down the line, I saw nothing meaningful had happened.

I had ideas and things that I wanted to do, but my busyness got in the way...

Because of this daily frustration I got an idea... An idea which kept on coming back... I knew that I was not the only one going through this frustration I knew there were some of you who were feeling exactly the same as me.

I also knew that if I could take just ONE thing, take action on it and complete it, I would feel so much better about myself.

So, I have thought about what I would need? I needed a plan that I could follow and I needed accountability partners. I had many ideas of what I wanted to do, but putting it into action was where I got stuck and then not knowing where to from being stuck made it easy to give up...

So I have put together a system. A planning system that helped me decide what I wanted to do (first) and then to develop the simple action plan with a daily and monthly roster reminding me of the daily steps I need to take to achieve it.

I knew when I completed and achieved this ONE thing that I set out to do, I could do it again and again...and achieve many things following the same simple system.

IF at all you feel or see a glimmer of hope in changing YOUR current situation from being frustrated into living a more daily fulfilled life with direction, please don't let this opportunity pass you by... say YES to yourself!

OR... let me ask you this one question: WILL YOUR NEXT YEAR BE THE SAME AS LAST YEAR?

Please get in touch...

What do I get when I buy this course?

You will receive access to the course comprising of 6 Sections and 31 Lessons.
You will receive an onboarding Zoom call with me.
You will receive WhatsApp support from me for 14 days.

Is there a cut off line for doing this course?

No. It is a self study of just over one hour. You do it at any time and any place. Of course, the quicker you complete it, the better for you to get moving towards your goal/goals

If I do not want to carry on will I get a refund?

Yes.  After the first Section you get given the opportunity to get a refund.  This must be done within 4 days from you registering for the course.